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frequently asked questions

precise and fine woodworking gained from experience
hand tools and power tools are all used in my woodworking
Crossman in the woodshop

"Can you make plaques, signs, or other things with logos and lettering?"

  • I can add lettering and graphics on a very limited basis with a small laser machine that I possess. I cannot make plaques or large signs. 

" I want to order something custom that I don't see on your website, can you make it?"

  • I welcome the chance to make new things! Contact me with your idea and lets see what we can do. 

" What are those things in your logo?"

  • My logo is simply 2 chisels that cross over one another. The reason I've chosen chisels is because my ancestor, Amory W. Crossmn, actually made chisels. I have a few of his pieces in my shop on display. This choice is a nod to him, and thus my family's history as crafts-persons. 

  • In the US Army, nearly every branch has a logo in which their weapons cross over each other in the same fashion. I've arranged the chisels this way as a purposeful mode of recognition of my military career of 20 years. I served in the Air Defense Artillery (ADA) branch of the Army. 

crossman designs logo inspiration

FUN FACT:  Without the missile, the insignia represents field artillery (FA), not ADA. Some of my former air defender colleagues have mistaken the chisels in my business logo for the cross canons of FA, and have become quite offended that I've left out the missile and thereby abandoned my ADA heritage in favor of FA. I've been told to "put the missile back in or else... ." These have been entertaining conversations for me!

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