Total saved by ordering both: $191.07 x 2 (prototype discount) = $382.14 + $25.00 (bundle discount) = $407.14


Made from 100% curly grained cherry, these rod cases are made to look aged and worn with dark stain and purposeful marring. The interlocking bird's mouth joinery also creates a much stronger mechanical joint then the typical wedge construction. Additionally, the bird's mouth joinery significantly increases the surface area for gluing, essentially doubling the strength of the chemical bond. 


Both rod cases feature optional and removable shoulder strap harnesses, should you decide to add a shoulder strap of your choosing. Both cases also feature a swivel cap with a rare earth magnet position locator that snaps-to when swiveled closed. 


Both rod cases 1 and 2 are prototype builds. They are priced as such, and as such I cannot be responsible for damages that occur to them once they've left my care. That being said, I do not anticipate any problems with these rod cases unless they are mistreated. 

I want both!

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  • Rod cases are approximately 31 inches in length, and 1.5  to 1.75 inches inside diameter.