What's on my book shelf


Below is a list of woodworking books that I have come across, and found useful.

If you good humans have any books in mind that I should read and add to this list, let me know.

An absolute gem. This is a large book, fully packed with information. No matter what your project is, start here. If you can't find anything relating to what you're doing in this book, I'd like to hear about it!

I bought this on an impulse, but the information it contains was incredibly useful. It's full of techniques, projects, and plans with brilliantly illustrated and photographed examples. I love this book! 

A wonderful start to wood turning. Turning is a different planet from conventional wood working. I flip open this book often as my experience in turning grows. This book will set you right from the start!

This is a GREAT place to start learning about wood. A bit heady, I could only digest it in small portions but the information I learned from about wood is simply unmatched. Check this one out!

Understanding your material is the first step toward success in woodworking. This book is a great start to learning about the different types of wood, how they act when presented with tools, and how to Identify them.

One of Matt Estlea's prized books, this one should help light the way. You will learn about woodworking from this book, even in you don't intend on building a bench. A well written and entertaining read.

This is about furniture restoration. Covering everything from finishes, repairs, and furniture construction to the styles of furniture through history, this book is SOLID! Great info for any woodworker.

One of Matt Estlea's top recommended books for the new woodworker. Gotta start with the fundamentals! I bet there are some bits buried in this book that would even help the seasoned craftsman.

This one is also recommended by Matt Estlea. I recently acquired it and therefore haven't dived too deep, but oh my goodness do the items in it look amazing! I have yet to see anything like them on YouTube.

This book is the printed version of the wood database that can be found online. Knowing what you're working with will make you a better woodworker. Sometimes it's hard to tell. This will help.