About me


the passion

I started this woodworking dream in a third floor, two bedroom apartment. I knew that using power tools would earn quick enemies on the other side of the paper thin walls and floors, so I decided to learn to the art of hand tools.


For a year I went at it in this manner, while devouring any woodworking information I could get my hands on. Every day it was my goal to learn something, improve my skills, or take steps towards my goal of having my own woodworking business. Even if I only had five minutes available in a day, I used it to improve myself. I still do this today!

I'm currently working in a small basement shop, and LOVING it! I'm slowly acquiring power tools, and my work has become a mix of hand tool and power tools.


the Army

I've spent 20 years and 14 days in service to our nation. This clearly didn't leave a lot of time for woodworking, but I did get to do some interesting projects along the way.


The Army has ingrained in me skills that I would never have learned through any formal tuition. I don't feel ready to own a woodworking business. But, knowing me, I wouldn't feel ready even if woodworking is all I had done for the last 20 years instead of serving.


During my time in service, I've had the opportunity to live and perform my duties in different areas around the globe. It's been a wild ride, and sometimes I didn't  always appreciate it in the moment. But I will always be grateful for the people I was blessed to be around, and what they taught me.


the family

I am proud to be a father of 4 stunningly talented kids! They are each artists and creators in their own way. They have the biggest hearts I've ever seen in anyone...they are simply amazing people. I love being around them!

I'm blessed to be able to say that my brother is my best friend. He is a joy to be around. He's also a veteran like me. In fact, I hold him responsible for pushing me into a military career, although he may not know it!

My father, Rod, is a world reknown sporting artist. His work is nothing less than breath taking. I am spoiled to to have grown up in a house with such an artistic genius. I am so proud to be his son! Click HERE to see his work. 


the before

This is how my high school and college mates remember me. Sorry everyone. 

I dabbled in a lot of stuff back then. I played rhythm guitar and bass (as you can see) in a few different bands - even got to travel around eastern Europe doing that with a great group of extremely talented guys that I miss dearly. 

I co-owned a construction business where I learned rough carpentry and other skills. That was rewarding work, and it led me to discover my aptitude for handy work and making things.


I did some other stuff, too - learned AutoCad at a concrete structure company, helped out the maintenance team at a university, and experienced just about every position at a grocery store. I even went to college a little!