About me


I started woodworking in the spare bedroom of a small apartment. Because the noise of power tools would have been disturbing to my close neighbors, I began journey with only hand tools. I “cut my teeth” for a year in this manner, going at gnarly pallet wood with cheap hand tools in a feeding frenzy of failure and discovery. This was the opposite of easy, but easily the most rewarding time of my path so far. It was also during this time that I met my wife, Vanessa!

My career in the Army was drawing to a close, and Vanessa and I developed a plan to grow the hobby into a business keeping pace with the short time I had left to serve before retirement. The plan included finding a rental home with either a garage or basement shop where I could continue to grow and start incorporating power tools into my operations. This would last a year after the apartment lease expired, itself expiring just two months after my retirement from the Army was finalized. After this, we would move back to Indiana and purchase some real estate that came equipped with a dedicated shop. This slow growth is exactly what we did, and today I am blessed to work out of a generous shop that is always improving and changing, just like our lives.


The sum of my Army career was 20 years and 14 days. Needless to say, I met some interesting people and saw some interesting places. (You may interpret the word “interesting” in any way you please and you would be correct). The scarcity of accredited woodworking tuitions coupled with the time required to complete a woodworking degree – not to mention that a program such as that requires the physical presence of the student in the classroom placed formal woodworking education out of my reach as I traveled around the globe in service to our nation.

Thus, I remain on a wonderful learning journey of self-instruction. From the beginning days in my little apartment, my insatiable desire for woodworking knowledge causes me to devour every bit of information I can find on the craft. I strive to improve my abilities every single day, whether I have 5 minutes or 5 hours to learn something new. Many times, it’s the 5-minute days that I learn the most! I believe that the learning that can be gained from real experience, real mistakes, and real failures is the most useful knowledge available. Every build you see on this website is the sum of multiple failures and mistakes to achieve acceptable standards of the end result.


I am proud to be a father of 4 amazing people! They are each a creator in their own way. They have the biggest hearts I've ever seen in anyone, and I love being around them!

I'm blessed to have an incredible brother nearby, who is also a veteran and a great human. My father, Rod Crossman, is a world re-known sporting artist. His work is nothing less than breath taking. Click HERE to see his work. 


Finally, this is how my high school and college mates remember me. Sorry everyone. I dabbled in a lot of stuff back then. I played rhythm guitar and bass a few times - even got to travel around eastern Europe playing music with a great group of extremely talented guys that I miss dearly. 

​I co-owned a construction business where I learned rough carpentry and other skills. That was rewarding work, and it led me to discover my aptitude for handy work and making things. I did some other stuff, too - learned AutoCAD at a concrete structure company, helped out the maintenance team at a university, and experienced just about every position at a local grocery store.